Our philosophy

Since the very start we have only used natural ingredients. As we've grown bigger, in 2018 we were ready to prove that all of them come from pure and reliable sources. We have a Certificate which confirms that we are an organic manufacturer

Our vision

We want to deliver the best craft syrups worldwide directly to you. We are enthusiasts who want to tear down the unnecessary wall between good coffee and syrups. After all, it's taste that matters. We will remove the stigma attached to coffee syrups and prove that they can be natural and do not need any additives to be rich in flavour. We will make syrups great again.

Our mission

The mission is simple: the best flavour through the best natural ingredients. We do not take any shortcuts in the quality department, because in the end it is you who pays the price for them. We do not stop improving our syrups, because the ultimate taste is not a given. It is the goal one has to chase every single day... just like we do.